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Love to heal and bamboozle? So how can you actually claim this free content? Simply click on "Add to Basket", "Proceed to Checkout" the pack is free so you won't be charged , then "Order and Pay". That's it! The pack will be added to your account library where you can find it under Apex Legends add-ons and you can begin downloading it, if you haven't already hit "Download Now". Great fun. The bold items are as cheap as they've been, the bold italic items are lower than they've ever been so that should help identify the bargains As for telling you what you may or may not like, have a read through the comments Also, people tend to post individual deals on around the same day that I post so maybe draw some conclusions from them click the PlayStation PSN link.

I don't expect to please everyone with my list posts I prefer to see everything and make my own mind up - My taste in games is not the same as everyone else's so I don't presume to filter based purely on them.

Lists like this. It's like, ok thank you for the time spent listing every single deal, but wouldn't it be better spent giving s description and recommendation of a select few good ones? How am I meant to discern which on this list are worth it? We will be. Got VR so looking forward to it. I voted hot personally as I love the game and it's a fair price.

But I think a lot of people object to the posting of the price after using a discounted voucher. Also the Special Edition isn't worth extra money, I barely noticed the difference other than early access to some average guns. Me either. I'd really appreciate one of these cold voters to own up and explain their logic.

Still can't get over the coldness of this deal!! Either there are modbots targeting accounts on purpose OR people are becoming more stupid. Went a bit silly today. Heat for the price but this was truly the biggest disappointment I've ever had in my 30 years of gaming. It was like waiting years to spend a night with Rita Ora, then getting in the bedroom and finding out it's Rita Fairclough. Maybe in terms of story and polish but the minute to minute gameplay in this one is superior to Uncharted's.

PSN is Sony's own private store. And with 70 million active users, it's been a roaring success. Along with downloadable games, PSN offers many more services that you might want to investigate. From streaming movies and TV to multiplayer gaming, cloud storage and music streaming, PSN styles itself as an all-round digital entertainment hub. As with all online marketplaces, shopping with PSN can be great value or costs can quickly mount.

This buyer's guide will explain everything PSN has to offer, as well as how to get the best possible digital entertainment deals. The PlayStation Network debuted way back in November Sony could see the potential for downloadable titles and microtransactions for things like updates, in-game extras and streaming movies, so they created a platform to deliver it. Since then, no matter how advanced the technology has become from PS2 to PS3 and PS4 , the same platform has remained in place, with a few tweaks along the way as new products are added. But one thing has changed, and it's fairly important: in , PlayStation Plus was differentiated from the basic PSN platform.

After that point, PlayStation fans have had to choose whether to stick with the no-frills PSN product range of paying a little extra to access Premium services. Now allows gamers to take part in multiplayer contests on any PlayStation device, as long as it is connected to the cloud. In , the service was enhanced still further as the movie, music , TV and games delivery arms were all rolled into a single PlayStation Network which is now one of the biggest online entertainment marketplaces around.

PSN is basically a marketplace tailored specifically to PlayStation owners. Basic accounts are completely free and open up access to a vast number of purchasing options, so be sure to choose a Master or a Sub account to ensure that kids don't gain access to your online funds. These funds are stored in a digital wallet which functions just like a PayPal account. Content available to download is updated every Wednesday and as we'll see, the choice is very broad. All PSN members have the option of personalising their profiles as much as they like with photos and descriptions.

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As part of the appeal lies in accumulating trophies for your gaming prowess, it's a popular option, but creating the perfect profile is very much up to you. This can be done in a number of ways:. Paypal, credit or debit cards - Firstly, you can just add physical currency from all major credit and debit cards, or transfer some money over from a PayPal account.

The money should immediately be made available for transactions. These are just like prepaid gift cards, like the kind you can get from retail outlets like Next or GAME.

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They can also be purchased on the PlayStation website and then sent to any recipient, so they make excellent gifts. And they are also ideal for kids. Because they contain only a limited amount of credit, there's no danger of kids maxing out your American Express card on the PlayStation Store. Here's a very quick summary of what you'll find when you sign up:. We'll have a look at the specific types of deals on offer in a moment.

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When you make a purchase on PSN, your chosen game will begin downloading. You can commence up to 16 simultaneous downloads and it's possible to continue gaming or watching movies as your content downloads in the background. Movies — The other core area of PSN is its collection of streamable movies.

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Sony has been working hard to set up PSN as an all-round entertainment platform, with a selection to rival Netflix or Amazon Prime, and they certainly feature plenty of recently released blockbusters as well as recommended movies that you may not be aware of. Everything is clearly laid out with submenus for different genres, trending titles and movies available at a discount.

It all comes together in an entertainment package that rivals Amazon Fire or Chromecast and makes the most out of the PS4's HD video capabilities.


PlayStation Music — A more recent addition to the PSN collection, PlayStation Music works via Spotify , essentially making the music streaming giant's inexhaustible collection of tunes available for PlayStation owners. With seamless synch-ups to gaming setups, you should be able to schedule your dream playlist and play your favourite games at the same time — adding a whole new level of customisation to the way you play games. PlayStation Now — A cloud-based gaming platform like no other, PlayStation now caters for the huge number of PS4 and PC owners who want to play complex, high-quality games but don't want to spend vast amounts of money, have the inconvenience of needing to own the disc, or don't want their hard drives bunged up with installations.

Instead, with PlayStation Now, you pay a small subscription fee and have access to a wide collection of games that are downloaded as and when onto cloud storage space. As you are probably able to tell, that's a huge reservoir of games, music, TV and movies. If you want to download games directly onto your PS Vita, PSN allows you to do so, but this isn't always the best option.

Downloading games can take a long time, wasting charge when you could be boosting it for your next flight or commute. Instead, you could try downloading content onto a PS3 and then zapping it over to the PS Vita as and when you need it. That way, you can leave your PS Vita downloads on in the background while you do other things, and you won't be cramming your Vita's smaller storage space with every game you own.

Unfortunately, the PS4 isn't compatible with the PS Vita, which could be a drag for some portable console owners. Here's what they are and how they work. PlayStation Plus Double Discounts — These reductions are discounts of reductions, having already been cut in price. Now, if you are a PSN Plus member, you can grab them for even less. And by exceptional, that's what they mean — this discount will usually feature reductions of percent so it's always worth tracking.

Digital Discounts — Special reductions for digital-only titles — generally smaller games which have a lower initial price point. If you want to build a library of entertaining games for a holiday and don't have much to spend, these are the discounts to look at first.