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It has 50mm stereo drivers and a swivel mic that automatically mutes when you fold it up. The Cloud Alpha has a slightly better frequency response range, but isn't discounted as much, and otherwise they're very similar. It also features 5. This one just jams in some of the best hardware on the market. Anyone taking part in Prime Day needed to be signed up for Amazon Prime, and many people actually just subscribe to the free trial and then quit after the shopping event is over. But is it worth sticking around, or should you save your money?

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Well, depends how much you enjoy Prime Video, which is the main perk of being a Prime member. You get a fair selection of movies too, and you can often rent the latest releases much cheaper than the standard price. It isn't as good value as Netflix, in our opinion, but it's probably worth the cost if you're heavily into TV and movies. The other perk of Amazon Prime is free delivery on most items.

If you're buying larger PC components like cases, the delivery charges can stack up, so it may be worth holding on to that sub. If you're someone who only occasionally buys from Amazon, it probably isn't worth it. Let's face it, Prime Day is coming back in Unless there's some kind of miraculous turn-around, where Amazon suddenly decides to become a non-profit and give away all their earthly goods, we're going to be pouring money into the site in July The most likely date is July , which is the Monday and Tuesday closest to the middle of the month.

Next year, you'll likely see savings on largely the same kit as this year, only it'll be newer models. Almost certainly.

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Even more IPS panels and 4K-ready monitors? Yes and yes.

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Better tech, but not quite the latest stuff. Whatever happens, we'll be here to guide you through the madness, and give you a bit of perspective on what's worth buying, and what you should probably leave locked in Amazon's warehouses, gathering dust until the end of time. Or, y'know, Black Friday Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links.

Read our affiliate policy for more info. The heart of the computer the motherboard is arguably the most important component in the machine. So, for the ultimate upgrade we have a large number of high-quality motherboards in various form factors. Intel's fourth generation of processors are incredibly fast and ideal for gamers and anyone who wants a quick and efficient machine.

AMD too have pushed the boundaries of technology with their high performance processors. Your computer case is not only important for storing all the components but it also has to look good.

And now you can choose from different designs in all form factors to give your new PC a killer look. And, to complement your new case, have a look at the wide selection of PC cooling and modding components we have in stock. And, if you don't have the time or inclination to build a PC from scratch have a look at our barebones range. We have some great barebones PCs just ready for finishing off.

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