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Guests are required to ascend and descend over steps during tour; alternative tour routes can be arranged by contacting the tour operators directly. Purchase is non-refundable unless event is cancelled. Purchase cannot be used for any other paint night or on any other date.

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Subject to availability and allocation. The beginning and end of validity period is often busiest. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Our customer care team are available to help 7 days a week. You may find we have answered your query in our frequently asked questions. Contact our team via our Contact Us page or email us on customercare 5pm. Search Search. From Deal Closed.

Artists take their inspiration where they can find it. Pints and paints This novel combination of ale appreciation and art is available on two dates.

The evening progresses as follows: Arrive at 6. A professional artist will give you step-by-step guidance as you create your artwork. Extra drinks will be available for purchase.

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Important Information The Big Deal is for 1 person to attend the Pints and Painting event, all of your painting supplies and tuition from the artist. Option 1 is valid for Thursday 16th March only. Option 2 is valid for Friday 14th April only. Guests should arrive for 6. Event runs to approximately 9. Over 18s only. Non-alcoholic beer can be supplemented for drivers.

I imagine it will depend on stock store to store.

If they have it I expect it will be the same price. Used this when it was a fiver, seems decent enough paint really. Does anybody know if it's national? Bought a load of Wickes Garden Colour 2. Never seen it at that price since, nowhere near! I had a dark grey and one called blackbird, looks really nice on what were once teak finish wooden garden chairs we have.

Will have a look instore. I just spray painted my fence with it using the Tacklife sprayer. To say I am impressed is an understatement! The sprayer uses a LOT of liquid - but at this price it is not a problem i did not want to water it down. Also the sprayer needs topping up every 1. I used this with a fence sprayer and got much better results than with a brush. The brush just doesnt get enough on the wood whereas the sprayer just layers it on. I went through a hell of a lot of paint using the sprayer and giving it 4 coats and its probably overkill but i know the fence is protected and i wont have to do it again for a couple of years.

And it looks brilliant. If you order now you pay now and they will deliver Monday. They look like they don't deliver on weekends.

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Good deal and genuine. Anyone know if they tend to be flexible and honour the discount on the Monday after? Visited my local centre earlier in the week but still can't decide on a colour but have to choose one this weekend. You're very welcome! I ordered 2 for my 2 Girlies - because I can imagine the fights over the single paint brush as I write this - absolute bargain so had to share. I can't wait to see their faces once they've painted them and birds actually use it [well, I hope the birds use it anyway ha].

I will try and call my local stores to see if they have it in stock. Exactly this.

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Next time we just got Johnstones colour matched and that paint was much nicer to work with and a lot cheaper! Great post Fiona. Ignore the trolls. You pay your money and make your choices. I think it's always interesting to see how people's opinion agrees with, or differs from, your own. One of the things I like about hotukdeals is all the extra information that appears on deals, suggested alternatives, etc.

My whole house is painted with Farrow and Ball, applied by me about three years ago, and I thought it went on very well. But like some other commenters, I have asked a professional decorator, and he didn't like it. Anyway, this deal is much appreciated by me, so please keep posting! Definitely my last deals post! Whatever style of home interior we prefer, there's a very good chance that painting will be required at some stage.

And when that happens, it's not always as simple as applying a roller to exposed plaster. Making painting mistakes is all-too-easy, as is paying too much for the paint that you need. At hotukdeals, we want our users to save money and perfect their home design at the same time. This buyer's guide will explain how to buy the right paint for every task, and offer some handy tips about how to finish the job beautifully, every time.

And, of course, the guide will help you find the best paint offers, so you can find cheap paint and paint sales in the UK. Ever since mankind started creating pottery utensils, or daubing their faces to identify themselves, paint has been a constant companion in some form or other.

For thousands of years, the choices on offer were fairly limited. People had to rely on pigments made from powdered ingredients from their regions, or precarious trade routes from distant lands. Even so, the technology behind paint did develop. Binders became more sophisticated, with egg replacing water, then being replaced in turn by plant oils. This allowed the Greeks and Romans to create dazzling tone for their public buildings and sculptures.

Until the 18th and 19th centuries, oil remained the primary base for coloured paints, which posed some problems when painting large surfaces. Multiple layers of primer would be required to add colour to the homes of the wealthy, ensuring that the paint remained in its original state.

As you can imagine, this made colourful interiors very much a preserve of the elite. As the industrial revolution progressed, things started to change.

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New products emerged using metal oxides as the binder. This drove down costs and made paints more waterproof, which helped to counteract the effects of damp. By World War Two, chemical companies had perfected artificial resins, making paint even more durable and weather resistant. Now, almost any homeowner could pick out a colour they liked, open a tin, and start painting immediately. And that's pretty much where we are now. As a trip to Wickes or Homebase will confirm, modern consumers have access to a huge range of paint varieties.

In fact, the choice is often a little overwhelming, making it hard to pick a tone that exactly matches our flooring or furnishings. Let's try to puncture that confusion by delving deeper into what modern paint manufacturers have to offer. The binder is what creates things like granular finishes or glosses, and it physically combines molecules of the vehicle solid.

That solid is the element which creates colour, and in combination, the two components can create many different effects. As for the diluent, this tends to evaporate after the paint has been applied. It's what makes the paint liquid enough for easy application, and varies in concentration between different brands and paint types. Generally, thermoplastic types will set in very shiny formats and are often described as lacquers , and work by allowing binders to evaporate after application.

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However, they will also tend to last longer, and be more resistant to decay. For this guide, it's much more useful to divide paints into various product categories, as these are the types buyers will encounter at hotukdeals. So let's do that and outline the major paint varieties, and what they are primarily used for. Let's start out with interior paints, as these are the most popular forms for DIY in the UK, and also the area with the widest amount of choices.

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When you come to search through the paint sale listings at hotukdeals, the products available should come in the following basic categories:. They help top coats below to bond with the material underneath, which means that the paint will remain in good condition for much longer. And they can also be beneficial for the materials underneath, preventing direct contact with chemical solvents. Matte Paints — These paints don't set in a dazzling finish. Instead, they just set naturally, leaving a slightly granular, rough, natural-looking result.

As a rule, you won't need to waste time preparing surfaces for matter painting, beyond sanding and ensuring that walls or ceilings are as flat as possible.