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Before launch, the team expressed its fascination with the sorts of nightmarish military technologies that may be available in , and true enough, there are sentient battle robots and drone swarms aplenty.

The Best Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Deals

Black Ops III tries to give fans everything they want and more, but it does so under serious restrictions that drag it back down into the industrial production line this once thrilling series has become. Although the addition of co-op elements is welcome, there are no surprises, no wild new ideas, no moments of future shock: even the visually engrossing hallucinatory sequences are borrowed from the original Black Ops. It is drama by numbers. Or rather, numbness. Treyarch has created a glorious movement system which gives you seamless mastery of your environment.

Running along walls, sliding across the floor, spinning in mid-air, shooting all the time — you can tell that this is the studio that produced one of the best Spider-Man games of all time. Weapons are feisty too from the basic KN assault rifle skittish but easily stabilised with Quickdraw and Grip attachments to the furious Vesper SMG with its lightening fire rate and the elegant Sheiva, a one-shot kill rifle that will no doubt be the cause of many unexpected long distance kills.

Zombies Chronicles

The 12 initially available maps are compact and exciting, mostly providing variations on the horizontal three-lane system. Standouts like Evac, Exodus, Stronghold and Breach, provide a challenging combination of long sight lines and claustrophobic choke point chambers, often with gruesome central courtyards where multiple overlook positions guarantee tense, explosive stand-offs. Then you have the specialists — nine selectable characters that provide either a defensive or offensive boost, which players can unlock through each match.

The idea, perhaps, is to add extra variety to encounters and to give average players access to the sorts of super powers usually confined to killstreak pros. But again, the many tweaks and additions, even the improved dynamics, are there for confirmed fans. Newcomers will be bullet fodder for weeks. Others will find that beneath the shiny surface, the familiar logistics of this series remain untouched. Many hated the gimmicks of recent titles — the scenic shifts, the sudden weather changes — but at least they mixed things up. Alongside this, we have the much enlarged Zombie mode, now taking place in a beautifully realised s slum town, complete with sleazy jazz soundtrack and wisecracking performances from Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman.

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Add in the unlockable Nightmare option, which humorously replays the campaign as an undead apocalypse, and you have a lot of rotting bad guys to shoot at. You expect slick visuals, you expect plenty of content, you expect systems that offer spirals of tactical depth to proficient players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review | Blackout the star of freshest Call of Duty in years

This is the base level. And Call of Duty has been operating at this level — or thereabouts — for more than 10 years. Terrific back and forths as I traded bullets house-to-house, tentatively swapping positions to try and get a better position without getting my head shot off as windows shatter around me.

BEST TEAM EVER???? - Call Of Duty Black Ops III

Quickfire reactionary duels as me and an opponent crash into each other unawares. I even had a moment as I lay camped on top of a building with a single-shot rifle, tracking another player zooming past on an ATV, one headshot from distance taking them cleanly off and into the dirt. The now driverless vehicle drifting to a sorry halt. B ut that is part of what makes Blackout a success, it manages to deliver these instances and opportunity on a regular basis by making combat the focus while keeping quiet evasion as a potential option. The Blackout map is a wide open area, but relatively small in comparison to other Battle Royale maps.

It is a decision that works, favouring verticality and density while encouraging player engagement. Y ou can try and steer clear of conflict and watch the player count tick down in search of victory, but you quickly find yourself with an itchy trigger finger. Particularly when the game rewards you more for dispatching foes than final position. Each location, be it the imposing Hydro Dam, smaller isolated petrol stations or the zombie-ridden Asylum, is a multiplayer map in itself.

An eerie silence wreathes the map, with you straining your ears to pick up footsteps, or the telltale sound of a window smashing or door opening nearby. Peripheral noise seeks to distract you, tweeting birds, buzzing mosquitos and the occasional electric crackle of a damaged power box.

Battlefield 4 and WWE 2K16 return to top ten.

You might hear the rattle of gunfire on the horizon, leaving you to decide to head towards it to pick off distracted foes or steer clear as you gather more gear and try to survive that little longer. B lackout feels more immediately rewarding and accessible than genre rivals.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout is now unquestionably the best Battle Royale game out there in terms of action and polish, but these days it will take regular change and plentiful variety for it to truly succeed in the long term. But it is off to a fine start. You get a glimpse of that in some of the series quieter, often more famous campaign missions such as All Ghillied Out, but it is still satisfying to see it come out so well in competitive play.

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B ut one thing the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 4 cannot be accused of is dawdling. This mode is blisteringly fast, with tight maps and quick respawns in most gametypes leading to almost constant, ferocious combat. As fast as it is, Treyarch has stripped back some of Black Ops 3 more outlandish aspects to ground the action. No longer are there wall-runs or jetpacks to complicate traversal, instead having a focus on smart movement and sliding out of or into trouble.

I t works, for the most part. Bunny-hopping is a more effective tactic than you would like, but the simplified movement allows Black Ops 4 to focus on that terrific shooting and multiple tweaks to the formula that make for more balanced and involved competitive action. T he specialists return from Black Ops 3, with 10 to choose from, each with their own skill binded to R1 and a powerful special ability earned through scoring points.

Battery has a cluster-grenade skill and a grenade launcher as a special ability, Ajax has flashbangs and a riot shield, Firebreak can irradiate an area and gain access to a flamethrower. The specialists are all varied enough to make switching around interesting. And with some modes you will have to, the game only allowing one specialist of a certain type. It makes sense, as a whole, though the cooldown on the abilities feel like they could be shorter to bring that diversity to the fore.

H ealth also needs to be replenished manually. Which is a small thing, but changes the complexion of games a surprising amount. The cooldown on med-stims is very quick, so becomes a choice after a fire-fight: heal or reload, stick or twist. Its terrific fun, with the tweaks feeding into each gametype. The more familiar Team Deathmatch and Domination modes work because that core is so good and the generous 14 maps on offer all have their own character to figure out.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tops UK chart, 91% of physical sales on PS4/Xbox One

This is where the specialists work best, with Seraph, for example, able to lay down a tactical respawn to keep knocking at the door. Control works largely because of the two opportunities to win; capture each control point, defend them until the time runs out or simply wipe the other team out. What starts as a relentlessly frantic assault can quickly turn more tense and tentative as those respawns start to tick down.

H eist, meanwhile, is the other big addition to Black Ops 4 which goes entirely in the opposite direction.